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I'm very happy to be almost done with school. Just next semester and then I'm taking a break before grad school. I always thought I would go straight through but I feel burn out comming on. I think I'm going to take some time to enjoy the accomplishment. Especially since I'll be taking 18 hours next semester just to graduate on time.

I think I may have a full time job after graduating. My job is thinking about offering me a full time position. My supervisor makes it sound like it's in the bag but I'll stay cautious. I'll celebrate when I sign on the dotted line. Besides, I don't know if I want to stay in Tallahassee.

Life's going good. I finally got internet at home again. And I'm still loving my nice cozy one bedroom. It's not as pretty as my last place but it comes with a hell of a lot less stress. The only down side is my car broke down recently so I'm taking the bus around town. It's a good thing student's ride free :)  Since it's my motor I'll have to get a new car but I knew this was comming so it's ok.

In other news. The 3rd issue of Unscripted is out. It's the childfree ezine I write for. We're getting a lot more contributers so that's good. Hopefully we'll be around for a while. I only wrote one article for this issue.  A review of Deck the Halls. I also contributed to an article on Essure, a permanent birth control option. Now it's a matter of writing for next month's issue and studying for exams at the same time.

Random Update

This semester is going pretty good. Of course I haven't been keeping up with my work like I said I would. But I never do so there's no suprise there. If I can do it at the last minute and get an "A" it's not procrastination, it's using my time wisely.

Anywho. I've been working on a CF online zine. Some people from a forum I'm on and I decided to start one. It's turned out pretty good I'm happy to say. If anyone wants to check it out its:



A Little Free Time

Today was the last day to volunteer at the museum for the semester. On one hand I'm glad because I'll have more free time. On the other hand I'll miss it until the next semester starts. Today our boss took us out to eat as a thank you for our work this summer. We went to an Indian restaurant called Sumrat. The food was sooooo good! I had chicken tikka masala. I've never had Indian food before, but I think I'll be eating there again. 

End Of The Semester

The semester is almost over and I'm happy. Of course, I went back on all my pledges to not procrastinate, skip class, or to be a good student in any way. But that's ok. Now that I'm officially a senior I can blame it on senioritis :) Hopefully i'll have the time now to update more often.

Evil roommate is pregnant and showing. She likes to walk around the house with her belly hanging out. I like to walk around while trying not to look at her belly. But I get to move out on July 31st! So me being me I plan to start packing on July 30th.

My sister is in college!!!!!!!! She's at USF and she likes it. And she's getting good grades in her courses.


The Dumbest Blog Post Ever

OK. This is all over the internet. Some guy, who happens to be pro-life, mistook an Onion article (that is pro-abortion) for a real news source. See the post here:

Now, even if you don't know that The Onion is a satire magazine, there's no way you'd take this story seriously. But he did. And so far over 400 people have let him know he made a mistake. But it doesn't end there. Old Petey refuses to believe that the article is a fake and makes another post about how she's an evil woman and he's met women just like her. You can see that post here:

Notice how the word satire is in quotes too.

Normaly, I don't post comments to things like this, but this time I couldn't resist. I figured I'm owed one for all the times I did the mature thing. 

Collapse )

Honestly, I'm still holding out hope that he was/is kidding. But I won't hold my breath.
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Stephanie Plum!

Once again I'm buying books I can't afford. This time it was the new Stephanie Plum novel, Twelve Sharp. It took 2 days to read since I started it late at night. I love that series. I'd recommend it to anyone. It is seriously laugh out loud funny. And I have a character crush on Ranger. Well, on Joe too but mostly Ranger. Problem is now I have to wait another year for book 13. But at least the new Anita Blake book comes out this month.

I got a B+ on my art project. I was glad because I really put in a lot of work. Right now we're making books. I haven't really done much work on it. I work better under pressure. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Evil Roommate decided to keep the baby. I feel sorry for it.

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I got my project done for 2-D design. I only got 3 hours of sllep Monday night but it was worth it to see an end result :)  I think they came out pretty good, I just hope the teacher thinks the same.

My car broke down today and I had to get a new battery. I knew it was coming. Something breaks on my car every summer. I put my car in the shop today to get other things looked at before they become a problem. My car should be as good as new.

I got into an argument with the roomie Sunday night. And I haven't seen her since Monday sometime. I like it better when she's gone.


2-D Design

It's been a while since I last updated but I decided to do so to help offset whatever protest the boob_nazis have going on over breast feeding icons. Because LJ really cares if you delete your account fo 48 hours.

In my 2-D design class we're working on an alphabet series. It's basically like alphabet flash cards your preschool teacher used but..well...more creative. I decided to do things that are sexy. So for "G" I did garter belt, for "D" I did dance so I drew a couple doing the tango. The cards are in the shape of a stiletto pump with a foot in them. I plan to do end cards and make anklets for them. It's kind of fun.The hardest part was picking sexy things that weren't vulgar. My co-workers helped me come up with a lot of the terms, and let me tell you, we had a ball. I work with a bunch of perverts. I just hope I can stop putting it off and actually get it done on time.

I hate that The Roommate is back in town. We're still fighting over the AC but I ignore people pretty well so it's working out. I move out of here in July into my lovely one bedroom, so It's a lot easier dealing with her when there's an end in sight.

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My Sister's Graduation (Long)

My sister graduated from St. Petersburg High School Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. I am so proud of her! It was great getting to see her walk across the stage. She looked so happy and proud of herself. And now she has her degree sitting in my mom's room. It was great.

But it was pure hell trying to make it to the graduation.  I swear Murphy's Law was hard at work against me. And it got pretty expensive. I had decided to take the greyhound because I get speeding tickets when I drive. I have a lead foot. So I bought the round trip bus ticket for $79 Tuesday afternoon for the 6:00 AM bus. While packing (at the last second), I guess I dumped the bag with the ticket on the bed. When the cab arrived I locked my front door and headed down the stairs. Only to realize halfway down that the tickets were in the apt. 

So I turn around and try to unlock the door. Now, we have electronic keys and locks for the front  and back doors, and the door to the balcony. And lately, the door is fickle about when it wants to open. So of course Murphy's Law makes it so this time it won't open. I tried the front door and the back door but nothing doing. The cab ($15) is still at the front of the complex because the gates are locked (it's 5:00 AM) and I the system to buzz him in is down. So I can't leave him up there waiting because he might leave. So I decide to buy a new ticket ($79) and return the old one later.

I get to the bus station 5:15 ish and buy a new ticket and sit down to wait. At 6:00, they begin to board, leting people who were on lay over go first. Yep, you guessed it. The bus filled up without me on it. Murphy's Law once again. So they tell us to ride the bus to Jacksonvile where another bus to St. Pete. will be waiting on us. So we do, but when we get to J'ville, the manager person says nobody from the earlier shift told her to hold spaces on the bus for us, and we have to catch the next bus which doesn't leave until 1:45. And I couldn't just take a bus back to Tallahassee and drive because one wasn't leaving until 1:30 (Fuck Murphy and his damn law). Now, my sister's graduation started at 7:00, there is now ay I would make it.

So I start to cry. I was soooo pissed, I couldn't hold it in. Some lady came over and gave me a hug and told me she would pray for me. Which made me laugh being that I'm atheist and all. So that made me feal a little better. When I got it together I called my mom and told her I wanted to fly so I took a cab ($30) to the airport. I got a Southwest flight to Tampa ($93) which left on time (Murphy was taking a nap a wasn't paying attention) and made it to Tampa at around 2:30PM. Then I took a cab ($65) to St. Pete., and was there in tme to watch my sister graduate. And let me tell you it was all very much worth it.   

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